Programs & Benefits

We're committed to creating the best experience for everyone at Critical Mix through a combination of helpful programs, benefits and perks. Our programs are designed to support Mixers and their families during all stages of life and career development.


Cross Company Exchange

It's important for everyone in the company to understand and appreciate what each Mixer does and contributes to the organization. Our Mix-it-up program was designed to give employees a hands-on opportunity to roll up their sleeves and learn about the roles and responsibilities of their fellow mixers.

Gym membership & Private Medical Insurance

Gym Membership, Private Medical Insurance & Pension Plan

A healthy Mixer is a happy Mixer. We are pleased to provide our employees with corporate gym membership and a competitive Pension Plan. Additionally Private Medical Insurance coverage offers employees the best care to lead and manage a healthy lifestyle.

Open Holiday Policy

At Critical Mix, delivering the best experiences to our customers and members 24/7 is hard work!

That's why we give our employees plenty of ways to wind down when needed, including enjoying activities with co-workers, taking a break to go to the gym, leaving early for a child's school play, or taking time off whenever needed.

We recognize that the workload at Critical Mix doesn't follow the standard 9 to 5, and that people need and enjoy flexibility in their jobs. That's why we work hard to provide an environment that respects and empowers our employees.

Our Open Holiday Policy places trust into our employees to get the job done right, knowing that they have passion for what they do, and provides the freedom necessary to inspire creativity and greatness.

With this freedom comes responsibility. We expect everyone to communicate with each other openly and frequently, be respectful and reasonable, and meet expectations and deadlines to ensure success for our company and our customers.

Together, we make Critical Mix the best place to experience quality work/life integration.


We spend our days dedicated to caring for our customers, so when there’s some down time, we’re always looking for new and creative ways to mix and mingle with our team members.

Ping Pong
Cocktail Making Masterclass
Ice Bar
Escape the room
Sky Bar @ Walkie Talkie
Dinner & Drinks @ Shaard
Medieval Christmas Party